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mx id: 1456 | OBO id: HAO:0000379 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0000379
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The compound organ that makes gametes.
written by: Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..

Relationships / properties:
The gonad is a compound organ.
The gonad is part of the reproductive system.

Label usage (sensu)
gonad by Snodgrass, R. E. 1935. Principles of insect morphology. McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., New York & London 667 pp.
gonad by Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..
Comments and tags
alternative definition added almost 15 years ago by Andy Deans
The organ that makes gametes, formed by spanchlic mesoderm cells envelopeng the germ cells.
  Reference: Miko, I. 2009. -2019 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
  Cross reference: None provided.

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