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mx id: 615 | OBO id: HAO:0001018 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0001018
tibial spur
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The spur that is located distally on a tibia.
written by: Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..

Relationships / properties:
The tibial spur is a spur.
The tibial spur is part of the cuticle. The tibial spur is part of the sclerite. The tibial spur is part of the tibia.

Opius dissitus Muesebeck
Opius dissitus Muesebeck

Label usage (sensu)
tibial spur by Deans, A. R. 2009. HAO curator..
tibial spur by Karlsson, D., and F. Ronquist. 2012. Skeletal Morphology of Opius dissitus and Biosteres carbonarius, with a Discussion of Terminology and Morphological Variation in Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae). PLoS ONE 7:1-38.
Comments and tags
alternative definition added over 13 years ago by Istvan Miko
One or two longer and sometimes otherwise modified, articulated spines at or near the ventroapical margin of a tibia; the protibia and mesotibia each have a single spur and the metatibia has one or two spurs
  Reference: Gibson , G. A. P., J. D. Read , and R. Fairchild. 1998. Chalcid wasps (Chalcidoidea): illustrated glossary of positional and morphological terms ..
  Cross reference: None provided.

alternative definition added about 14 years ago by Andy Deans
A spine-like, multicellular extension of the cuticle connected to an appendage by a socket; usually found on the tibiae.
  Reference: Goulet, H., and J. T. Huber. 1993. Hymenoptera of the World: An Identification Guide to Families. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada Publication 1894/E., Ottawa, ON 668 pp.
  Cross reference: None provided.

comment added over 13 years ago by Matt Yoder
Homonym! Tibial spur according to Gibson et al. 1998 is the spur of the tibia that is apical and "enlarged". We should create a separate class for their label.
  Reference: Miko, I. 2009. -2019 Curator. Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology.
  Cross reference: None provided.

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