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mx id: 8112 | OBO id: HAO:0001121 | URI: http://purl.obolibrary.org/obo/HAO_0001121
metatibial spur synonyms: distal metatibial spur, hind tibial spur
Defined (both definition and relationships must be met)
The tibial spur that is located on the metatibia.
written by: Bertone, M. A. 2009. HAO Curator..

Relationships / properties:
The metatibial spur is a tibial spur.
The metatibial spur is part of the cuticle. The metatibial spur is part of the sclerite. The metatibial spur is part of the tibia.

Alobevania Kawada & Deans, 2008

Label usage (sensu)
metatibial spur by Bertone, M. A. 2009. HAO Curator..
distal metatibial spur by Buffington, M. L., and S. van Noort. 2012. Revision of the Afrotropical Oberthuerellinae (Cynipoidea: Liopteridae). Zootaxa 202:1-154.
hind tibial spur by van Noort, S. 2013. Echthrodesis ..
metatibial spur by Wong, H. 1963. The external morphology of the adults and ultimate larval instar of the larch sawfly, Pristiphora erichsonii (Htg) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae). Canadian Entomologist 100:897-921.
hind tibial spur by Pesenko, Y. A., and A. Pauly. 2005. Monograph of the bees of the subfamily Nomioidinae (Hymenoptera: Halictidae) of Africa (excluding Madagascar). Annales de la Societe d'entomologique de France 41:129-236.

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